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What Makes Rolex Watches So Expensive?

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Even if you can find an affordable Rolex in Florida, you are probably going to buy one on the used market. The fact is that a cheap Rolex for men is not all that easy to get because many things will go into one of these fine watches. There are many great reasons as to why so many Rolex watches are expensive and cost more than you might wish you could pay.

904L Steel Is Used

Rolex watches are often made with 904L steel instead of 316L steel that other watches are made with 904L steel can resist corrosion and is harder in its body. This is especially popular for the Sea-Dwelleer and other marine watches from the brand.

Everything Is Made By Hand

Unlike other watch houses where machines are used to make models, every watch that Rolex makes is made by hand. In particular, the watches are made with small parts that require extremely precise methods of assembly to ensure that they are made right the first time around. This is to ensure that whatever is around is as strong and capable of telling time as possible.

Rolex Has a Foundry

The foundry that Rolex works with will help to make pure gold into gold that can be suitable for use on a watch while also being colored in a yellow, rose or white color. This is especially important for the President watch and others that may have large amounts of gold in them. This is to see that the gold quality is actually as great as you want it to be when you order a fine Rolex gold watch.

Security Is Strong

There is also the strong amounts of security used by Rolex when getting watches ready. In addition to fingerprint scans and other intensive scans for watchmakers, Rolex uses serial numbers that are unique for every individual piece and movement to ensure that every single watch can be tracked. This obviously takes a lot of time to get ready but it is all to ensure that whatever is being worked on is as secure and safe as possible.

All Water Watches Are Tested

Finally, water watches like the Submariner and Deep Sea will be tested in strict water-based environments where their bodies are soaked in water to see if they can handle certain conditions. Plenty of added pressure may also be incorporated as the watch is being managed.

These are all good reasons why you’d have to pay more for a Rolex watch. If you ask yourself “where I can buy a used Rolex” then you need to be aware of these points as they will influence what you’d spend on a watch of use to you.

What Types of Rolex Watches Are There For Men To Buy?

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There is an extensive variety of different types of Rolex watches for men to take a look at when it comes to finding fine watches for anyone’s desires. If you are looking for an affordable Rolex in Florida then you should be aware of how to compare different types of watches when looking for a used cheap Rolex for men to have.


The Datejust watch was created with the intention of having its own date function. This was a new concept in Rolex watches when it was first introduced and it continues to be a popular option.


The Submariner watch was designed for diving use in mind as it is made with sturdy materials that can handle water and will not corrode over time. It is typically designed with steel materials although yellow gold accents may be found in some models. A triple gasket is also used to secure the body of the watch.

GMT Master II

Designed with aviation in mind, the GMT Master II features a 24-hour display hand and an outside that features all twenty-four hours in the day. The bright blue and red colors on the outside of the watch make this especially noticeable from any distance.


The President watch is a model that is noteworthy for being one of the most elegant watches around. If you ask “where I can buy a used Rolex” in this model then be prepared to be out of luck as it is rather scarce, what with so many President models being made with solid yellow gold materials.


The Daytona is a chronograph watch that uses smaller second and minute dials on its face. It was designed with auto racing in mind and has been especially famous for its large face and the three smaller dials that can be easily distinguished.


The Yacht-Master is a relatively new type of Rolex watch but it is one that has quickly made its mark in the field. The Yacht-Master watch features a design that comes with an 18-carat yellow gold design for the most part and will have a larger readout on its face to help create a finer look that is more appealing and nicer for all to explore and use for different types of recreational or sailing needs.

These types of Rolex watches are proof that Rolex is a truly noteworthy name in the world of watchmaking. This watch brand is popular for offering some enticing options for all men to find on the used market.

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