How to Find Affordable Models For Your High End Clients Online

I needed a escort for one of my real estate clients who was traveling from New York. Changing channels at night, I came across a TV commercial for QuestChat, I thought it would be a good idea to try and see if I could find a girl there. I called Quest and interviewed a few women there. I didn’t have much luck, until I connected with Joanna. This girl pointed me to a site I didn’t know existed; is a site where married people go to have affairs. I created an account there and started talking to as many women as I could attract with my client’s picture. Not much success either as he is not particularly good looking. Even though there are real girls there (unlike many of the other dating websites I visited) the women there are usually either older or are simply poor girls looking for a sugar daddy.

Super Beautiful Girls on Craigslist

I continued my research online; Google pointed me to some escort services, but they were expensive and I wanted my client to get more for his money. I ended up landing at, a site dedicated to reviewing the best ways to attract girls online. They have a great review of They also have a list of the major late night adult chat lines out there (QuestChat, LiveLinks, AxxessChat and the like), both free and paid ones. I wasn’t aware there were soo many! But the site pointed me to a resource I didn’t expected: Craigslits! Yes, people are finding escorts on (There are also doing more than that as you can imagine.) Believe it or not, I found 3 different escorts willing to do ANYTHING for my client, and they were beautiful as well.

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