How You Could Live in One of the Most Affluent Cities in The Wolrd

Sunny Isles Beach is a small city near Miami, Florida. SIB for short, is the perfect place to live if you love the sun and sand lifestyle. Sunny Isles – as most locals call it – is a popular destination for two very distinct demographics – old people who move there to retire and teenagers, especially those coming down on Spring Break. If you are interested in the prospect of living in this wonderful city, there is an affordable way to become a resident. Although Sunny Isles Beach is famous for its luxurious hotels and over-the-top condominums, there is a hidden gem: The Winston Towers!

The Winston Towers in Sunny Isles Beach

You can find apartments for rent and for sale in Winston Towers. The community is very conveniently located a few minutes away from Aventura and Bal Harbour. The towers’ resident mix is culturally diverse, and the schools here are great too. The beach itself is about two miles long, full of gorgeous white sand (and hot bodies).

It is not uncommon to see Lamborghini, Aston Martins and other luxury cars cruising through US A1A, better known as Collins Avenue. If you have an active nightlife, you have South Beach just a few minutes drive (yet far enough to avoid the traffic and drunk weirdos). In South Beach, you can find world class restaurants, theaters and nightclubs. Sunny Isles Beach places of interest include renowned spas, exotic hotels and the Dezer Collection Auto Museum.

If you are not looking to move permanently but would like a taste of the SIB lifestyle, you can find many luxury vacation rentals in Sunny Isles Beach. Stay a week or a month, and you will want to live there.

Review of Locksmith That Saved Me When I Traveled to Atlanta

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How well you do your work determines how much you get paid

The best plumbing companyMost plumbers out there are lowly creatures who just do their job half-ass and expect to get paid appropriately in return. I though of this and how it applies to my individual life when I hired a plumber in Fort Lauderdale to repair my toilet.

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The Best Gifts Idea for a Man

Icing for Used Rolex WatchesLooking for the perfect gift for the man in your live? How about a rolex watch? Yeah right, like I could ever afford a brand new Rolex submariner – you are probably thinking. Well, apparently there is a whole aftermarket for buying used rolex watches online, and not just on on eBay. I was able to buy a pre-owned rolex submariner for my husband for less than $4,000.00. I know it doesnt sound particularly cheap, but hey, we are talking about a Rolex that costs upward of $15,000 brand new.

Spearheaded by, this whole Rolex underground market caters to both men and women, and has more than a million active members buying, selling and trading Rolex watches around the world.

Adding some “Icing” to a Rolex is something this Rolex aficionados often do. They basically find used rolexes and customize them with diamonds on the dials and bezels so they end up looking even more extravagant. is a pioneer on rolex icing customization.